Website operation pays attention to originality, must have originality, can’t be counter productive

now for web site operators will be referred to a keyword that is original content, but also is the best website content is original, it can let the site get good benefit and flow, but also can improve the site’s ranking, so in fact it really so? If we carefully analysis of those websites ranking in the Baidu home page, you will find that the content of these sites seem to have no original, there are many reprint and collection content, what is this?

at this time to think carefully to understand, because the Internet itself is a shared platform, an important function of transfer and collection itself is on the Internet, if an Internet lost reprint and acquisition function, each content is original, from a practical point of view, completely impossible, the other is not conducive to the development of the Internet, so that the website operators pay great attention to the original is not wrong, but you want to have a degree, as is the truth, then how should the original website operation? The author thinks from three aspects.

Correlation of

first attention should be paid to the original content, the site is not the original content that is another extreme, original content is actually the essence of the website and website keywords, is closely related to the content, but the content is actually the key to attract users to come, so the importance of website content correlation is very important the correlation in the premise, improve the quantity and quality of the original, this is the website operation in the content of the original work to perfect this one.

second original content can not because the original and the original, many owners believe that as long as the original content can be brought to the site included, so in the original content on readability but also pay attention to the correlation, but do not pay attention to the content, at this point many websites exist, because Baidu itself can not be ruled out for readability so, many owners use this loophole, some of the similar content of the order or the use of disrupted confused way with some key words, to prove the contents and related websites, but allow users to read Yunshanwuzhao but don’t know what to say. Although the content of this website looks original, but the readability is poor, it is not consistent with the original content of the website principle.

third to the original content and reproduced in the combination of Web site operators can not blindly pursue the original, for some sites, the original day to write a two article, of course under the premise of quality, enough, another job is on the Internet to find the website and have some relevance high quality posts reproduced from here to note must be reproduced, rather than the others have over, put on their own label, want to make these into their own content, such behavior is actually a theft, now Baidu for such acts of theft against obviously, because it is loss of Internet equity and share attributes, are not ashamed of acts, so under the new Baidu algorithm has very severe blow

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