My second websites were born

Hello, I am 38PC net station son book today and you talk this website problems, hope to discuss together with everybody! Or give you an idea, how to do, how will the site. What’s the most expensive thing in twenty-first Century? Creative!


I don’t know most of the webmaster have had or are having several websites? I only know my own back and forth has built 4 websites, only "38pc net" that a son left now, maybe my ability is limited, energy is limited, unable to maintain multiple web sites at the same time, I can only one the feelings of all into the site now. But recently I do not know how, I like the new mother is to have second prompted by a sudden impulse, a "child", the mind is only a station, this is my three minutes again? No, my first child care is still a lot of ah, I do not know what a short string.

I went to the station to take the bus, a while ago, see the roadside advertising market "Wang Pu sell" words, and I thought, if I was a developer (just my real estate development on the Internet), then how would I like to sell these "real estate"? If I build a online shops, or as the reality of the shops to attract business "in the"


this idea arises, I can’t wait to embark on the 1 day! After thinking and positioning, and decided to build a try! I thought prototype is built an online real estate, the online market is actually a "," a total of 100 businesses can hold "occupancy" like a reality! We only sell the shops, 100 shops, a no! This can improve the quality of our service, can also promote the shops to enhance the value of the limited number of sold out that after all!!! First come first served! "Businesses stay", we can provide the hardcover shops, show business / company / personal information for businesses; also can be linked directly to the merchant’s own website.

idea there, next is the domain name space, space I have a spare, I directly according to the website of the domain concept to take, I will be the site named "Pu 100", straightforward show website meaning can be understood as the only 100 Pu! So, the domain name is (OK and this domain name registration, ha ha, or really have renamed it


, the next step is to refine the concept and make it more detailed. (here, I’ll just say something about it.)

first, I will be completed stratified 4 buildings, namely "from top to bottom is divided into 4 parts, of course, the shops on the top of the most prominent, is the best! The 4 shops I from top to bottom are respectively defined as: Diamond shops, shops, shops, silver platinum gold shops. The price of each layer is different from top to bottom, in order to reduce the user to buy! Any one of these shops will automatically become a member! At the same time have the ownership of shops, have permanent.