Walk in front of the user and walk before the market takes shape

Internet has long jumped out of imitation, popular development model, but into an era of innovation. Began popular concept.

such as blogs, podcasts, Witkey, digg Web2.0.

new concept

any popular industry is like this, you have to rely on constant innovation in order to develop, and innovation must be in accordance with the user experience this piece to do.

has a good saying: "there are users, there is the market. You know what users need, what they like and what they can do, and naturally they can create market.


you have to walk in front of the user, walk before the market, or else the market has come into being. You’re out of date,.

maybe someone will say, "innovation, innovation, how high your IQ can be. Innovation means creativity, can you,.


of course, innovation is not easy, but everything is not the first, only innovation can succeed. Imitate other people’s innovation. Perhaps do better than innovators,.

‘s Youtube innovations abroad were also successful, and $1 billion 600 million was sold to the google. video sharing industry. He was the first.

the first video sharing site 56.com, including the later potatoes tudou.com, even ouou.com, six rooms, 6.cn and so on, can be described as a success, after all people tens of millions of financing in them. They are not the industry innovator. But they imitate innovators. The same success. Like the school exam first very NB, but also NB.

second third

but by now you’ll be able to do video sharing stations again. Will you succeed? Yes. Of course. But at least not so easy,.

recently several projects are not the most popular.06 launched the easy price net. Do comparison shopping. Can be regarded as the innovation project, in the original is not very popular. But now the market has formed. Easy price net has been walking in front of the industry. The final success. This is the front said, walking in front of the user, go before the formation of.

in the market.

this year, the company launched a new project: " I want m " www.51mee.com

I want to

" m " is a depth of communication, interactive media platform, he combines click, experience, orientation of advertising concepts, knowledge, information, entertainment, income, function as a " advocate; experience advertising, games, and easy to win " the concept of M! And through interactive activities, rich and colorful users in the answer or spread in exchange for free gifts excited! Let all users have the opportunity through the " I want " meters; get rich prizes, and provide real and effective advertising audience for advertisers to


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