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+ skills: this type of Internet is relatively small, but often the most successful operation, their sites are some areas have basically rise above the common herd, his team eventually grow to enterprise level. Ability to make money without doubt, and has been the starting point of ordinary webmaster is not the same, so more comment.

, however, US Telecom shares have underperformed this year. Altice USA rival AT&, T and Verizon Communications, were down 9.1% and 14% this year, respectively.

and I talk about their own views, if you want to do, please start from the skills of start, slowly transition to technology, of course, you earn money, can recruit technical backbone, if you have the ability to set up his own company is no problem. Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, make money first, ensure that they do not starve to death, and then talk about development.

Altice USA will begin trading on Thursday, with the code ATUS. Song Xing

TechWeb reported on June 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, the European Telecommunications Company Altice NV U.S. subsidiary Altice USA is expected to begin on Thursday in the New York Stock Exchange listing, and will be one of the largest IPO in the United States this year.

type: This belongs to the opportunistic type, not what excellent technical support, to build a web page or web site is COPY or the default CMS program to build, but this money is common in stationmaster most, with all the tricks, little smart.

network is a hot topic in recent years, a lot of people are talking about it, envy it! Wangzhuan definition is very wide, a kind of understanding is the most simple to the Taobao " " " pat " open a shop, and then sell money. Of course, this is also a kind of network money. This way, just contact the network may be more suitable for friends, most of the friends are open shop work, a fresh figure, catch up with the trend. The only power that they can never be, can occasionally open the door down, to earn extra money, I want to say here Wangzhuan " " does not mean that this. A new career " webmaster " this career is the last two years of rapid development of the network of a red job, a website profitable industry. The stationmaster has no fixed working hours, no fixed office space, no fixed salary, a computer, a network cable can start. All of the proceeds depends on pay, a An able man is always busy. industry.

            Technology: excellent network technology, for a variety of programming languages, server maintenance can handle but the stationmaster of closely reasoned and well argued, network management is not very good. I know some good webmaster, web programs are developed, but the site is basically half-dead, basically remove the daily expenses made no money. The main source of life is to do large digging technology backbone, earn wages.

Dealogic data show that this will be the 17 year to come the largest U.S. Telecom IPO transactions. At $29 per share, Altice USA’s worth more than $21 billion.

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also sources say Altice USA will raise $1 billion 900 million.

document, Altice, BC Partners and Private Equity Investment Firm shareholders Canada Pension Plan Investment Committee plans through the IPO to sell about 46 million 600 thousand shares, if the midpoint price range guidance in the $27-31, is expected to raise $1 billion 350 million.

         ;     webmaster is also divided into many types, I classify him as the three type.