Why do literary websites win the favor of investorsHackers hold Summer online training to earn money

, the author tries to probe into the literary website profit, the advertising revenue will undoubtedly become the most important literary website profit pattern, literature website and blog sites, other sites can not match the value of advertising; also take a paid membership reading mode, publishing mode, wireless mode will be possible, but I don’t agree the literature website early implementation of profit measures for literature website, they do not lack of profit basis, the key is how to attract more users.

through the search, the reporter also called " in a summer camp; " site, see how the horse technology " " " novice to play " ", summed up the horse; combat; intrusion series " courses teach the Trojan horse technology. Through the number provided by the website, the reporter contacted the person in charge of the identity of the consultant. According to reports, the training camp VIP members 200 yuan, learn three months, 388 yuan can learn a year. In addition, the summer vacation for students to open a short-term training course, the charge is 188 yuan a period. According to the website, since its establishment, there have been more than 1600 members for life, and the business is surprisingly good.

December 2004, Shanda acquired entertainment literature portal "starting point Chinese net" to 17 million yuan; in March this year, TOM acquired online fantasy original literary website "huanjianshumeng" 80% stake to 20 million yuan; recently, the media and the joy to 40 million yuan to buy the original literature website "under the banyan tree". A "merger" wind scratch, opportunities are gradually approached the literature website.

Chongqing website alliance responsible person, this kind of advertising not only spread on the Internet, they noticed that since the summer, qiaolimingmu ads from the online community forum, spread to the streets of the city, and in a variety of incentives and temptations, wantonly attract hackers. " ".

I was informed that Guangzhou literature website "red rain up2c/ has received more than 10 million yuan investment, why literature websites will have won the favor of investors? How literature site pattern will be the second half of this paper attempts to explore?.

" three days to learn personal safety, two weeks learn to build a website, a month learn to catch ‘chicken’…… " the day before, at the end of the world online netizens Yang accidentally saw a hacker training post, said that as long as the intersection of training fees, after two months of training, can become a hacker master, such as pirates of the , crack the encrypted files on the other computer, other computer system intrusion, which, as long as the short-term training class in summer pay 198 yuan, users can easily learn spread Trojan technology.

More and more tricks literary websites why have investors favor, the second half of the literary website pattern will be?

hackers to make money, in addition to undertake the business of computer attack, steal account passwords of traditional, recently even still online office of the summer training class, known as the hacker technology, 100 yuan can learn the spread of trojan.

The legal profession has been involved in

to remind, and intend to participate in the training of students, malicious hacker attacks are illegal, the provisions of the criminal law, the functions of the computer information system, modify, delete, increase the interference caused by the computer information system can not operate normally, if the consequences are especially serious, with imprisonment of over 5 years.

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is inevitable, in most literary sites have access to investment at the same time, the competition between literature websites will become more and more fierce, the second half of the year literature site will be like the WEB2.0 class website compete head broken and bleeding. This paper studies most of the literature websites, also try to look for reasons for literature websites have access to investment, I think is the most essential literary website content is king, after a wave of Web2.0, the Internet is about to enter the era of content is king, the people in the intellectual property problem of fiddles, but with one another a web site for investment, copyright disputes will be increased, and the copyright will become the core competitiveness of the website. There are huge original content and a large group of writers, readers groups, investors are betting reasons. This will also be the inevitable trend of the development of blog sites, and soon the disputes between blog sites will continue, and the era of "content is king" and "user is king" will be around the corner.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,