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two, Wangzhuan file

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activities specific address: bbs.vancl/showtopic-206056.aspx


this activity has also been interpreted as the industry following the end of 2010, held every guest 2010 years after union station, the action of a large customer alliance, where the customer in 2010 stationmaster annual meeting, where the person in charge of alliance alliance in 2011 into the Commission will be directed at 100 million yuan.

for the event, where the alliance responsible person pointed out that at present, with the explosive growth of online shopping, has been formed on the media Web site very favorable situation, online shopping population coverage and repeat purchase rate of high-speed growth has greatly improved in CPS mode of cooperation with the media into income, especially a large number of small sites, the fragmentation of advertising resources is very difficult to produce better income, and the promotion of e-commerce alliance to where the Union became today’s primary station will be one of the best ways of the cash flow, because the sill is extremely low, relatively flexible delivery method: image ads and text ads can be, even a article in micro-blog products articles or promotional links can be recommended, according to the corresponding rules for the promotion of income, and can bring long-term gains, so Great incentive to many webmaster or SOHO gens join League, to each good way to promote, to obtain income.

VANCL Alliance union.vancl is charged in accordance with the CPS model, which is paid by sales. Legal websites including personal websites, blogs micro-blog and online stores in China can be registered free of charge. They can obtain ad code in the back of the Union and place it on a website or blog.


one, collection skills

alliance in February 18, 2011 officially launched the "million cash back to invite friends to win the prize of the union registered" union members promotion activities, which meet the requirements of the activities of all union members as long as we invite friends of newly registered Union, can be recommended monthly cash rewards Commission is 15% of the total three former members, no upper limit to the amount of.

three, create your own website, develop offline

additionally, build a money folder on your hard drive and paste your registration information from the mailbox in your website so that you don’t lose raw material for free mailbox maintenance and other reasons.

VANCL alliance basic ratio is divided into 16%, namely VANCL in accordance with the effective sales promotion expenses to pay 16% of union members, along with the rapid growth of Internet shopping crowd, click on the ads to buy ratio is increased, the average number of single orders Commission of up to ten yuan, has been through the webmaster website advertising gold baiyin. VANCL alliance to the owners brought benefits gained universal recognition of the industry. In 2010, Eslite website alliance has won the "best stationmaster income Award", "most owners welcome e-commerce alliance award.

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if has EXCEL your computer, create a workbook, save your Book2 E_GOLD, STORMPAY and other information, and Book1 will you register with the site listed in the format, set their own, the relationship between the cells with a function definition, then every day you read the mail, click, look after the money state your money number, registration number up, every day you can know the how much money, how about payment. If you’re not familiar with EXCEL or your computer is not installed the software, find a number of pages in more than 200 pages of the diary or other hard notebook, can also record.

registered more sites, favorites will be very chaotic, Tencent browser collection of content, and the end of the show will not come out. The solution is as follows: click favorites, organize favorites, build new folders, build a mailbox folder if you have more mailboxes, build 1, earn 2…… Folder, so you can add your registered site to the folder you need.