The method of comparative analysis of internal site search function

the first choice, love Shanghai custom search function. Love Shanghai in order to effectively promote the development of webmaster, and achieve a win-win situation, this love Shanghai provides rich webmaster tools, including love Shanghai custom search is a very useful search module for the webmaster friends, only need to be introduced, do not need to develop two times to achieve the search easy the. But this method also has some defects, because it has no customization features, so there are still some defects in the depth of integration.

this is from the entire Internet environment to analyze, and with the growing scale of website, increasing content, if only rely on the traditional navigation system, let the user through the column page to find relevant content, often let users spend more time using the efficiency which seriously affect the user. So the internal site search function to become more and more important, especially those with web content to win even more so.

Internet content fast growth rate, is almost a geometric rate of growth, if there is no search engine, for users, obviously difficult to quickly obtain relevant content, so love Shanghai, Google etc. these search engines came into being, and after more than 10 years of development, has already become the current Internet giant, from the rapid development of these companies, but also fully demonstrates the importance of search engine function.

is for the grassroots webmaster, site method is mainly constructed by PHPCMS or DEDE free site program, these free CMS station system are usually built in the corresponding search module, search module but these poor correlation is often search out the content can not meet the needs of users, so we through other ways to improve the internal site search function, the following is to explore the method of comparison of several commonly used.

second, open source system choosing third party search function. For example, the common SOLR and SPHINX software, the open source system can directly was introduced to the site, so as to realize the station search function. But for a lot of technical level is not high webmaster friends, the application of these open source systems tend to have a certain degree of difficulty, need to learn in actual use, it often affects the enthusiasm of the application of the webmaster.

third, to get the required custom services by purchasing way. This method has high cost disadvantage, after all need to purchase the corresponding customized services, often require the cost of money, for the grassroots webmaster, may own investment funds is not enough, so in the purchase of third party custom service enthusiasm is not high, but from the performance point of view, the custom has a good search experience, and now the Internet also began to appear in the free version, plus the system of open source is more and more high, so these customized service fees also began to reduce, so from the perspective of the development of website brand, using custom >