What do the place can prevent the site is down right

web site to start considering making a website is down right, factors which involves several aspects, the following we briefly analyze:

four, the website chain love Shanghai recently on the site outside the chain to do some adjustment, foreign chain to more stringent requirements, Google will not say, always requirements are very strict. So what kind of chain is the chain quality is not high? 1, the existence of a large number of the chain repeat the same site, do the chain to do wide net, not a single point or a few places to do; 2, the chain related degree is not high, the chain in addition to the wide area, also called correlation, the chain is related to the theme of your site, so that it is outside the chain of high quality.

to do the optimization of the most depressing thing is probably the site is down right, daily WenJiQiWu, finally let the stars chase the moon, the normal data website, hardly happy soon found the website not updated snapshot, less included or not included, the chain is deleted by one half and so on, this signal is the site is down right. We want to avoid the occurrence of such a situation is not a difficult thing, as long as a few simple, right down ah what are the clouds.

two, the space factor and site architecture and label information can be roughly the same, this will directly lead to site is down right, and the prevention method is very simple, only need to ensure that the two points can be stable. So we in the online before, must make adequate preparations, understand the market, determine the label information, design a good site structure, once the line, it is best not to change again later. Because once you want to modify these things, you know the consequences…

three, the content of the website search engine is designed to show the useful things, so no matter what a search product is not high on the quality of the information is very disgusting, the quality is not high, that such information may be collected or use false original tools to get some of the lack of content readability the. If the site is filled with a lot of such content, there is no doubt that there will be a time of the search engine focused on your station.

, the factors of space choice is very important, but often we as a webmaster, in this respect is precisely the most powerless. The standard choice is nothing more than the speed and stability. Here is only a brief mention, when the specific choice depends on the person.

written in the last: although it is never too late, but if can guarantee some depressing things do not appear in the web development process, it is not better, and we are prepared to pay the price, only the user experience point of view is to do some work based on search engine is for the user to consider, the best of both worlds at the same time, but also bring unexpected gains, such as: to the website ranking. I remember an article is talking about website content and rank >