To bring the gospel of the webmaster double chain tools upgrade on-line

two, rejected outside the chain of tools new upgraded version of the line

anomalyWhat is called

(1), the chain page analysis

2 upgrade, outside the chain of tools update what content

rejected outside the chain of tools is if you find the number of links pointing to your site, such as the low quality of false spam links is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool.

1, grab the abnormal

we love Shanghai grab abnormal tool to upgrade version of the line ", first of all, we should make it clear what is grasping abnormalities, for many webmaster, some things may be the most basic, is still not clear, today a lot of people ask me what is the" grasping, grasping the abnormal abnormal "is for the website can be a normal visit the page is consistent with the ordinary user access Baiduspider capture results should be content, when the Baiduspider capture content and general user access to content is inconsistent, that is the content of the website in Shanghai love exists in the grasping of abnormal.

provides the 8 abnormal, for the webmaster, this is very convenient, I think we understand the meaning of the expression of the love of Shanghai. Presents to us is a more convenient tool. There is a better operation for the site background, at the same time have a better love for Shanghai grab our web annotation. This advantage is to avoid the loss of the site collection and discharge of.

After 2 abnormal upgrade The

, which provides

(2), the new chain management

, love Shanghai grab tool to upgrade the on-line version of

1, what is rejected outside the chain of tools

chain analysis page update is to optimize the chain of information display, while the new state of rejection of the chain, this can let the webmaster know more clearly about the chain link their station URL, also can clearly see the link to your URL, as well as the anchor text and refused to state the chain.

May 28th, love Shanghai double chain tools new upgrade on-line, "chain analysis & rejected outside the chain of tools in today’s two pronged approach, gorgeous upgrades. The chain after the upgrade of the analysis tools can support batch refuse chain management and revocation of refuse, this is another major function after the whole network open chain query, on-line rejected outside the chain of tools to upgrade, the convenience of the station will be analyzed and the chain management data owners better, to help the site better operation." This also means that there is a great help for our webmaster, so that we can more easily grasp the chain operation of this one. At the same time, I want to also remind the webmaster, garbage outside the chain with the best way to protest, it will bring some negative effects on the website, I want to help but also a warning.

new chain management is divided into the chain and refused to support batch revocable chain has refused, "