The new medical website should be how to do site optimization in Shanghai Dragon

first time that protect a network though for several years, but the medical time and soon, only more than a year of appearance, but also has its own set of website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, the following point is only a personal view, just to explain from the direction of optimization, welcome medical industry friends criticism.

any medical network team, whether it is planning or production department, whether program or art, all of them have some skills, so the medical station of the whole program, template design, art sense and still don’t need to worry too. The optimization of personnel in this regard (basically is in charge of the task) just imagine a framework to allow them to go to the finish line.

? The development of the Internet

two: medical website internal and we understand how

chain construction: the new station on the line in front of everyone wrote robots.t>

: controllable factors of the medical station is actually very simple.

: for the content, content of the construction of medical personnel optimization are relatively layman, so more should be and find resources. Like to write articles related to chronic rhinitis, we may get to know the symptoms of chronic rhinitis, causes, hazards, treatment, care and prevention, believe that even if the content is similar to the resources, so for the optimization of editorial staff, should pay more attention to both the original, how convergence. As for the medical website content should be how to write the key words how the layout, how to do the contents of this anchor text and the guardian have said that many times, here no longer say.


no matter what the site, the content and the chain which is based on two, although before the Shanghai dragon website optimization personnel take a lot of detours, now the importance of these two aspects I believe we are very clear. Then the medical station how to do, how do the chain


so that all enterprises have established their own official website, and Shanghai Longfeng workers has become a rigid demand, although the industry was so rotten a few friends. But the role of the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is more let you pay attention to your website, do optimization? The guardian found many friends to the company recruits are over the working site, and for the medical industry, many of my friends will take over the new station, which began in 0 new station how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization?

to the medical profession, may each team will take over all the big shake up, put everything on a team of all, is to make the site. We know that the medical station was also considered a sensitive industry, and most of the team did not pay much attention to the medical station optimization (after all, bidding and news source channels such as fast), there is a team in the recruitment of most ordinary member recruitment is no experience (edit or pure extrapolation). All sorts of factors restricting the optimization of medical websites, so as to optimize the staff, how should we go to the railway station, the optimization of