The traditional enterprise website as a method of the chain’s most effective analysis

"I’m really desperate, I really do not know how to do the chain, the enterprise web site keywords ranking is responsible for watching their every day in the fall, and I can only be silly to look, who can help me?" this paragraph is in a Q & a community to see the contents of the enterprise. The webmaster is confused by the construction of the chain enterprises, he has no idea how to do outside the chain, probably because of resources, can also be because there is no one to help him.

example: I now will now give the enterprise website the chain, I want to know some relevant knowledge of their charge of enterprises. The enterprise is the production of food, so the food industry enterprises, the main production is XX, related to health, snacks etc.. Clearly these, I know the enterprise website industry, products, types, and then the author to choose according to these data to choose for the chain of distribution platform.

in fact, the construction of enterprise website chain is a topic of many webmaster a commonplace talk of an old scholar, enterprise on the chain construction is very good also very proficient, but for some novice webmaster is a how to figure out the problems and troubles, according to incomplete data show that at this stage most of the business owners did not understand their own site outside the chain in the end how to do outside the chain, what kind of the chain, what kind of chain for their business website, every day there will be owners of the occurrence of such problems, so these enterprises website optimization for a long time are not good rankings and weight. However, this topic is a commonplace talk of an old scholar a novice webmaster enterprise especially want to see, because they are looking for ways to the construction of enterprise site outside the chain, as long as they can find a way to know the enterprise chain exactly what needs to be done before.

first, look at the enterprise website belongs to what industry, what is the product or type. Do site to do the chain, corporate owners to look for the enterprise website is what industry, what is the company’s products, what is the product type, these are to be clear, I believe most of the webmaster should know that these enterprises, which is the premise of the chain. Just think, if the business enterprise is webmaster even myself do not know what the industry, do not know what is, what do you do outside the chain? Don’t do the chain in other industries? So, business owners must take these premise clear to do the chain.

for the construction of the chain enterprise problem, I can see a lot of every day, from the QQ group, and other community question answering platform, every day a large number of enterprise owners and industry owners in turn to this problem, this is really the case, including in reading this article webmaster, I believe that will resonate with you. Because this is one of the most common and the most popular topic of conversation and. In the face of such problems, the enterprise site in the end what needs to be done outside the chain can? I will write it out, I hope to help those who resonate with business owners.

, a look at the enterprise website belongs to what industry, what is the product (type