Mobile marketing and e-commerce network marketing course gemini


in March 2013, and guest Network Marketing Institute (www.imakecollege贵族宝贝) network marketing course in the new upgrade, the new curriculum system, into the shop operators, e-commerce and mobile marketing etc., more professional system. The following is a guest teacher Li Xingang about network marketing course upgrade interview finishing record:



asked: This course also emphasize upgrading upgrade e-commerce and data analysis course, then it means that after our students out employment choice after work can have more


: the upgrade in the curriculum system of each module has increased the number of mobile internet marketing and e-commerce courses, whether the two chunk is a major trend of future network marketing

: I can’t say the mobile Internet market is not yet mature, can only say that the mobile Internet is being developed, and various applications have emerged, the development trend of the Internet is certainly moving in the direction of the mobile Internet development course, so to join the mobile internet marketing in the course, certainly is a skill for students to learn the network marketing, and the demand for talent the mobile internet marketing enterprises also began to appear, so students must learn the content of mobile internet marketing, mobile internet marketing master skills, is also good for students future career development.

answer: increase the analysis of electronic commerce and data network marketing course curriculum, ability for students to master the techniques and data analysis of electronic commerce will also benefit the future of students in the network marketing occupation development, while the students after learning the course is certainly more employment options to the party, students master the analysis of electronic commerce and the data after the affirmation of the future employment skill is very good.

upgrade this course aims to meet the enterprise with people’s needs change and keep up with the pace of development of the Internet, after entering in 2013 420 million mobile Internet users, mobile e-commerce is booming, the rapid development of commercial use of the Internet, a variety of small and medium-sized enterprises began to test the water mobile electronic commerce, mobile at the end of the Internet and traditional Internet marketing, e-commerce, and mobile and electricity supplier industry is already recognized as the future trend of the development of the Internet, the guest courses must meet the needs of enterprises and closely follow the trend of the development of the Internet, so the network marketing course of the upgrade.


asked: it is understood that the mobile internet marketing market is not yet mature, so the increase in these courses is designed to allow students to have mobile internet marketing prospective understanding of the mobile Internet to the traditional network marketing can bring better help

asked: how Taobao and Tmall marketing marketing network marketing is reflected in the inside of its value

answer: a lot of Taobao and Tmall is the traditional enterprises to enter. "