Analysis of small details the robot file on the QQ space

we’re pretty sure the QQ space in the last write robot file on the site map file is to enhance the search engine for the rate of crawl site. When the search engine spiders into QQ space, first find the robot file in the robot file, when you can find the site map file directly. In order to promote the spider through the map file on our site more deep and wide crawling and indexing.

in the above we can see the QQ space has lifted a shield for search engine. At present, all search engine spiders can crawl and crawl on the QQ space. A small detail was found in the Robot file of the last line of the author, the author found that write a line: sitemao:贵族宝贝XXX.xml. Obviously this is a map file. So why is QQ space why site map to write on the site in the last row? Want to know why we need to further understand the robot file.

This paper consists of a huge number of original We believe that


water gourd’s official website 贵族宝贝, please. "

as the Shanghai dragon Er we all should be very clear the robots file of the role is to inform the search engine spiders on our site is what page can crawl page what is prohibited from entering. When the search engine spiders into our site, knowing the information, it can according to the information we allow to concentrate on crawling the page, the page to improve the crawling efficiency. In this process we have forgotten the key point, that is the search engine into our site first contact to file what is right is Robot File?. We can do this at this point in our robot to make the search engine more efficient spider crawling our site, enhance the rate of crawl site.

for the little details I have been ignored is in state, and as such a large QQ space site let go of this small details, we need to pay attention to the site more often, these small details can create large articles. I hope this is helpful for you.

for the QQ robot file space impression is stuck in its shield love Shanghai search, love Shanghai cannot grasp the contents of QQ space. But a recent article "QQ spatial analysis can make love Shanghai keyword ranking? The article said that the current ", QQ space content can also be indexed crawl, because Tencent QQ space has lifted for shielding robot search engine, this article has changed my views for the QQ space Robot file. The author of this interest, so the space of QQ robot were observed, found some small details of the QQ space robot settings, as shown below.