The website data analysis papers — Analysis of site navigation


before I wrote a "data analysis" is a required course for the future of Shanghai dragon, after someone asked the author to analysis of the small business website data? This is really not a good answer, can only give the general method of data analysis, the author also has several corporate website, usually idle will analysis on the 30 day of the data, looking for problem page, then modified. The following talk about site navigation. Based on user behavior based analysis of site navigation.

above is a picture of the structure of the website (I do not spray painting, the image processing ability is not bad in general), the top of the home page, then list page is the last page for details, some people will ask why for everyone to see the picture? Because from this picture we users can analyze two kinds of strange behavior. The first visitor in the navigation page left midway (often appear, the problem in the corporate website at least 5 small enterprises responsible for the station is so), another is the visitors returned from the page to the navigation page content. These two types of behavior is not too consistent with our site navigation structure of the original design, is that we do not want to see behavior. Below we are specific to illustrate these two kinds of user behavior.

the first question, the visitor enters from the navigation page, do not see in the left site when the content of the page. During the visit the website, the user does not complete the task, there is no navigation page users into the content page, so we need to analyze the cause of the user leaves the navigation page, this problem the author first enterprise website appeared later by several bosses to search for a keyword, enter a website then, the bosses are more concerned about the phone number, other things are false. For a number, then the home telephone number and website removed, PV increased significantly, the telephone number increase the page access, this is just one of the reasons, there is still a lot to us to analyze.

in the second, the user enters the site from the navigation page, return navigation page from the content page, visitors seem to finish the task during the visit (if the ultimate goal is to browse the contents of this website page words), but visitors return to the home page to start a new task or a navigation. Unless the task and goal of the new task irrelevant or few in number, otherwise we will analysis the content page design intention, and consider submitting cross > in content pages

for all sites, the general page can be divided into three categories: navigation page, function pages and content pages. The home page and the class table are typical navigation pages, site search, registration page and so on are function pages, and product details with the news page belong to the content of the page. Navigation page role is to guide users to find information that, page’s role is to help visitors to site goals and tasks, the content page to the user role show information and help users to make decisions.