The site of raising the raising of the friends of the chain

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website snapshot. Webmasters looking for friends of the chain, snapshots to first check the other site, a stable website snapshot within three days, good is the next snapshot. A snapshot of the site updated quickly can see the weight of the website, so snapshot date is looking for friends of the chain when the first to be considered

have seen such a word: the webmaster in website optimization, the site should be as children to raise. This sentence is right, a website in time until the beginning of the line, the webmaster to thinking about him for optimization, the choice of the domain name, the stability of space, website template style, website localization and so on, these are factors webmaster to optimize the website must be considered. To keep a station, to raise it from the beginning of the most basic. Xiaobian and talk about parenting rearing method of friends of the chain website.

included 2. other websites. For web content, if the content search engine you send not included, the only two reasons: one is the weight of your site search engine is not enough, you can not find the station; two is the content of the collection, pseudo original, or not enough quality. How many sites included is to determine the weights of the website, if one day you find that included in the shrinking, that you stand being search engine K, so webmaster looking for friends of the chain, should pay attention to each other were collected.

3. the other site pr. Noble baby PR value, also is looking for friends to pay attention to the chain. For a new station, increasing PR station friend chain, will bring high quality weight to their new station. My ixwebhosting host station, started on the line, find the 5 PR4 station made friends of the chain, but also is a one-way link that this increased my weight of the lord. The three friends of the chain increased after the completion of snapshots quickly update. But in this remind you, friends of the chain don’t increase too much, PR high standing, search engines will be considered cheating.

The correlation between

4. the other site. Friends of the chain station finally find their master and content related station, so as to increase the interactivity of the user, can also help users to solve problems, which can improve the user experience. In fact, friends of the chain is not only for search engines, but also for the user, the user came to your site, you will want to learn more and stand similar sites. Maybe you would ask this will bring clients to another site. This can not, as long as you stand in raising, users can consider what others want, what you can give, others will go to other places? Put the user in the first place.

chain, as the name suggests it is the website chain together, your chain chain you reach me, I Links. The webmaster friends find friends chain in their station, to pay attention to what the details:

5. the other site chain. This is the enemy, know yourself. The other site chain is also for you to consider, friends of the chain station have black chain, there is no >