The space is often a problem will affect the user experience and website weights

is more than a year, the author of the blog, blog is not a two time open the case, originally intended to be moved to the domestic blog space, but found that the domestic stable space is too small, or too expensive, but the blog one day sooner or later will move home.

was originally just established blog, blog has just started feeling, nor what weight, spatial stability of this one also did not cause the attention, when the blog gradually stabilized, the weight is more and more high, this stability is really important, but want to imagine, when a netizen by love Click to enter Shanghai search your website, found that the site opened slowly or simply that "mistakes, if it is you, what would you do, of course, be pass out, if the person before coming to your site, that your site has what he wanted, he may come next time again will click into your site, but if the people don’t know before you and your website, just because the server appeared open, the first impression is not, it is very possible that he will not enter your site The.

again imagine you a benign website: a user wants to find content and open web speed is very fast, clear font color page, the page is just perfect, so this site once people know, before the person of the website is also likely to introduce this website to his friends, for the user love website, needless to say, the search engine will give high weight.


for server stability of this one, in the past I actually wrote an article: Wang Lei blog Links, and thank you for your support, that is because the server is out of the question, long time not open the site, the individual Links removed, do site optimization for a long time, realize more and more importance there is a stable space, so it will directly affect the user experience and the weight of the site itself.

suddenly thought of writing this topic? Is the main blog has a certain weight, today is Thursday – love Shanghai update day, however, the author of the blog but there is a problem, from 12 noon to not open, thought as usual, a few minutes automatic recovery, more than an hour waiting for Wang Lei’s blog is open, then began to ask the server side (said here, the author of the blog using foreign space), is also linked to more trouble, and was told that due to a problem for the power supply, the current server is repair, recovery it will not be long before.


if a website often not open, the search engine spiders is gradually alienated it, gradually affect the overall situation of the website (included, snapshots, ranking), thereby affecting the weight of this web site.

from here we can recognize the space of user experience.

blog has experienced wind storm rain, I also to the spatial stability of this one makes some reflections: