The food chain is how to break the website optimization Website Optimization stability situation

improve the website service performance, improve from passive into active

believe that many webmaster feel that their website is very perfect, not what loopholes, in fact, this is only your one-sided ideas, such as some sellers friends think when selling their attitude is very sincere, but buyers said the seller’s poor attitude, positioning in the face of this situation is both a problem. As a seller, you should try to meet the needs of users, improve the user experience, and as a buyer should make reasonable requirements. Is the same as in site operation, many owners as a main station and will not take the initiative to go there to pick their web site, but the same mistake again, for example some weight-loss drug website, this website has been to Taobao customers, but in turn ask: you buy your webmaster elected Taobao the seller? If not, users spend a few hundred dollars no effect, a few curse is not what it should be, to a web site to obtain the real user >

in September 22nd through the statistics of the webmaster tools and station found 3 sites, hands are included in different degrees of decline by about ten percent, since June, Shanghai began to adjust the love algorithm, website optimization technique and method of stability was broken down, before relying on content is king, the chain for the Emperor’s thoughts into the website optimization the deadlock, optimization of the food chain on the website: website search engine – – the user – search engine has been broken, the user needs to transform Website Web site requires users, search engine has become more and more dominant, facing the situation of the food chain is broken, as a webmaster to site stability the optimization situation? The following specific talk.

algorithm to adjust the rational analysis of the love of Shanghai, from passive to active

believe in love before the Shanghai algorithm adjusts the webmaster friends are waiting for love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, what is what is love Shanghai search engine results after adjustment, in fact, webmaster can also grasp the initiative, what is used as a search engine that he needs to patronize need more users, so we can by simplifying the domain name and the brand of the way to strengthen the construction of their own website, such as taobaowang, flow into the site are directly in the browser to enter the domain name, can be said that this method of import flow have a impact on the search engine, if you can do this website search engine but also why the search engine also need? Please, not subject to your search engine. We can see from this stage in the operation of the site, to be rational to treat the love Shanghai adjustment of the algorithm, as long as your site is good for users, I think you can stick to it, regardless of what plagiarism is collected, even if a website will not copy acquisition users to enter the site at what. So our first step should be to simplify the website content, website content arrangement, users need to come in line with the content, this is the key, and not to deal with search engine.