Small and medium-sized enterprises how to have both earnings and user experience

second: products that are less, the enterprise marketing type website is an indispensable natural enterprise products, web page will require detailed display of products, it is the marketing website not only consider the user experience, the use of gorgeous flash animation, search engine is currently the recognition of flash is still difficult, to the website to have a better ranking, get more traffic, product display can use pictures, pictures used to remember to add alt attribute value. Home to a majority of the plate is the display of products, but also to set the product navigation, entrance to increase user detailed understanding of products, such as the "Beijing recycling" website, the webmaster can reference station.


again: online customer service system timely reply, when the enterprise site will be added on online customer service system, but many enterprise site online customer service are virtual links, users of online customer service, and can not timely reply, users encounter such a situation, timely construction site and then gorgeous, and awesome product introduction it is difficult to, prompting the user to reach an order. Visit the corporate website most users are potential customers, as long as good at inducing, it is prone to buying behavior. If the online customer service is awesome, active users to introduce their products and customer service service, potential customers will become the final customer, so the enterprise website could have both earnings and user experience.

was born in the industrial chain of network marketing, network marketing to join more and more small and medium-sized enterprises, join network marketing is the ultimate achievement of sales, but the network company in order to improve the site keywords ranking, often ignore the profit orientation of enterprise website, only considering the user experience, "you can’t have it". The enterprise website and how to make profits and the user experience? I also do enterprise network marketing, for everyone to talk about their own views.

: first order system is essential, even enterprises will move to online sales, is to break the traditional sales model, does not require manufacturers and users face to face sales, essential on the site you have to order system. Many enterprise website just shell site, only a few products and company profile, does not have the order system, the website construction is not a marketing site, even if the website keyword can have good ranking, website and use flow is not very good, the analysis of data can be seen the website jump out rate is very high. If you can have the order system, and the user can order directly online, improve the site traffic conversion rate, but also improve the user experience.

: don’t let the enterprise last station into information station, enterprise website marketing in order to reach a final order, network company network marketing to the enterprise in the station, and not of business products have sufficient understanding, and based on the website need to update the content, then the information industry and become the chief choice, love.