New skills to make the site in 2013 in every day have a snapshot

want to end the site every day, don’t forget to have a snapshot of our search engine like, what is the search engine in the pro gaze, in the opinion of the author love Shanghai search engine content degree refers to the use of its products in the sea like degree, my website was established to love Shanghai statistics as the core, to love Shanghai Post Bar channel to seduce, love Shanghai library publicity and construction have established their own search engines like Shanghai’s love of the related products, improve the site let love Shanghai Lai, get a higher level.

on the site in the chain when the old don’t create thinking, for the majority of owners, the construction of the chain is to win with quality, actually this kind of creation of the chain method is not feasible, in the view of our site outside the chain or in the best quality to win the best precision, outside of the chain are in the A5 submission of an article about the chain it can be obtained, but the quality of the chain is very high, far more than the previous number by winning the chain trend, the number of the current site outside the chain of not more than 50, but I have a few new rankings: why the number of the quality of the chain is better than.

want to have the site every day, in addition to the basic elements of the site snapshot, we also give the new elements of the website, website every day is done based on snapshot new content elements and website, the author detailed talk about the new tips on how to get the site every day have a snapshot.

many owners may be asked why the 10 pm -11, this is my opinion on this stage from the second days snapshot update time is near, and when the search engine spider fatigue to give some new content to believe that through this stimulation, can help a good website to get good rankings the stimuli tested with several sites, found that this time the site to change the effect is very good.

Spring Festival is too much, the site also gradually entered a stable, several new site the author established in January is also gradually with the ranking, these sites basically every day snapshot, included every day, many owners have to ask what is the reason for the site to appear every day snapshot of the phenomenon, here to share these methods.

first in the evening between 10 -11 active site for the creation of new content, the new content is not required website must update the article, even we can through some messages, discuss discourse to build new content, by creating new content to help web site in the search engine spiders are coming good for search engine spiders crawl, do not change the website can not get the support of the search engine, and can not only know the update website to obtain user support, so we should combine with the real time and create new content in accordance with their own needs, if you have no time, as long as we can in the evening 10 point -11 between upload some new pictures.

Secondly, we