The website structure would influence the optimization effect


three, the content of the website, whether it is search engine grab. The content of the website in the early is very important. Is the site through assessment of the factors, need to do the corresponding preparation. The best, when the website is built, in preparation for the. Both of the website, make a coherent sense, can be included in search engines in the short term;

shows that the website structure is very important. Rather than simply built website, launched the optimization, to achieve the corresponding effect. Between the two, is a kind of causal relationship. Can not is such to have the order reversed. If the latter, can only be flustered. What time is long, will not achieve the effect of the corresponding optimization. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

site optimization, is on the basis of the. If you did not lay a solid foundation, the latter will definitely a qualitative error. The main structure of the site, can be carried out from three aspects as follows. Thus, to reduce the effect of the website optimization. But, have a role. The complementarity between the two, website conversion rate effect is prominent.

at present, the mainstream website frame structure, DIV+CSS is the most standard, accord with the rules of W3C. Therefore, in the construction site, must pay attention to the corresponding code to use. Here, for the establishment of the station, will have some questions. Need to pay attention to what the code used? Application code can not normal. The idea is not wrong, because the site needs to be optimized. Therefore, the use of code, also have a corresponding.

, the whole site hierarchy analysis. The structure, is to see the search engine spiders. To build a good website, need to be submitted to the search engine, so that the collection of the corresponding. So, for the first, the website structure must have good circulation. To make the search engine spider crawling smoothly in the web site, rather than repeatedly encountered is the wrong link Kaner.


two, website forum layout, with search crawl rules. This point is particularly important. If the random placement section, without emphasis. The search engine is a code written in machine. It is also the algorithm has certain regularity, rather than judge will take the initiative to the primary and secondary site. Grab the rules of search engine, from left to right, start from the top down order. Therefore, the important section in the upper left;