Awesome text live travel network reflects the server security concerns

of course, the first few pages of this similar website, do not believe that you can love Shanghai "live travel network". At first glance, that is the station group. But more and more like. See the chain, see the website domain name like station operation! Then open a website, found that web sites are different content.

then opened the love Shanghai snapshot, find that live tour information network. It is not really the station group, but the site being cheated. Such a large site is occupied, is estimated to be the same server site.

check the IP section, the station was occupied are the same IP, the original server was taken down.


estimation is set up on the website server for the 301 jump. When love Shanghai or other spiders visit, the reverse proxy software such as Apache will be identified, and then jump. Good security measures, not only to develop good habits of webmaster backup, and the server hosting providers should be put in place the details. From here we can see the server security is how important a station is compromised, the other station will be the marginal invasion. So the website security is everyone’s responsibility.

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The principle of

said this love Shanghai increased the station group in the crackdown, so many stations operator in 1915. Now it is rarely found standing group of shadow. But today I found that there were a kind of offbeat "station group". This is not "stand" is making a comeback.