From the four aspects of factors which will affect the conversion rate of the mall site

, two contact

personal website has very high requirements for the site access speed, not to mention the mall type, if the users search into your site, but for a long time are not open the page, then it will be done to understand the information of goods, naturally can not talk about buying. So, for the mall type of website access speed occupied in the user’s psychological position is very important, after all, are now popular fast, maybe some customers to buy is a rise of blood cramps, see what you want to buy, as long as the user took a fancy to the natural desire to purchase will be strengthened, it would be easy to reach a deal. So, even the most basic access speed cannot be guaranteed, how about turnover and conversion rate? Website access speed is the basic factors for the conversion rate.

you may think you think your product is very good, do not need too much description as long as the customer used naturally know its role. In fact, this is very wrong. Some mall site description of the goods are a few simple words, even the pictures are not, such goods are difficult to have turnover. After all, the product you are selling is not only sold to customers, and the description of the goods information is not detailed, even more difficult.


according to the sale of goods that in the A5 forum, because the author in the release of goods on the left is Q, but also that is not automatic, pure digital, a lot of people look at the post every day, most of these are potential users to buy, but to consult details but few users will add QQ. After all, this operation is too troublesome, so begin do not know where the problem is by the author, after all I also in Taobao shop monthly sales are very good, but also for Adsense class, so, some time ago I was through a client that he told the author said: the way to contact you too trouble, and that the increase of Q number, so do have lost the mood to buy. So, contact is not convenient, it is very important for the conversion rate, especially to improve the conversion rate of the owners through different channels, which is more important, I recommend the best use of a type of contact, the operation method can search for love in Shanghai.

for the mall type of website, the most important is the conversion rate, after all, do not rely on mall traffic survival, even if the volume of only a few dozen traffic every day, more than half of the mall, so can still live well. So, as the mall type website owners, should be the focus of the analysis of the conversion rate, rather than flow. More traffic if the conversion rate is not high, but also a natural flow station, and the mall put some pop, click Register types of ads are not appropriate, so it will affect the site’s reputation, and study how to enhance the flow, not as a direct analysis of how to improve the conversion rate. Today the author talks about the factors which affect the conversion rate:

three, commodity information

, a website access speed of