Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to analyze the needs of users to enhance the website competitiven

as everyone knows, with the escalation of love Shanghai website optimization algorithm, for the user experience requirements increase, but what is the user experience? How can we use the performance strategy to help us achieve the desired results in the optimization strategy, this is a Shanghai dragon er must be considered, that is the user user experience visit the site after the feeling after reading of website article is in user behavior, the user can stimulate the desire to read more articles, can stimulate the user to purchase the product moment desire. The author through the following three aspects and detailed analysis, if through the grasp of user behavior to enhance the competitiveness of the website optimization.

second, how to embody the differences of scarcity. The first point we understand what the user is commonly used search? Understand search keywords and search behavior of users, common at this time, second points we will through the construction of the station, by differences in the content construction of the scarcity of the article and try to keep our website visitors, this is the key. To our website as an example, the customer search security products, of course, its purpose is very clear, but we know that security products very much, have a common security check tool, information storage medium to eliminate the power tools, etc.. These products are also common products on the market, as the optimization personnel when we construct the list is not a simple product name, more important is introduced in detail for each article positioning a product, this time reflects differences, this article reflects the correlation between content and optimization keywords process, such as customer search security products, we already know that the user needs, so when constructing the can in such a way, as the power of what are the characteristics of security products? Network information security products, security check Tools >

first, website optimization to empathy of users to what exactly? When many of my friends now website optimization, or wantonly in content is king, the chain for the emperor’s optimization ideas, the author thinks that this idea should make a little change, user experience, user demand is fundamental, only on this basis, you add the article the quality of the chain, update time for the user to really play a role in recommendation, can really help the user to solve the problem two, here we have to analyze what users to the site, what is the purpose? As Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon core optimization is to let users through search engines, input related keywords enter our website, to understand user behavior and user search which commonly used words, you can clearly understand me We should through the details of what the site to build the website content, such as users to search the confidentiality, security products, security network, the purpose is very clear in order to understand the security industry related websites. We are like love Shanghai related search through some commonly used tools, mining tools and so on long tail keywords, you can see the user demand are pretty close.