Site is not the first site of many other aspects of normal, Site’s role in weakening it

but through the webmaster tools query, the overall website or normal


first, site results page is in accordance with the website page with contribution flow number in descending order. That is to say, in the face of the website page with the increasing flow in site results ranked first. Is the total pages obtained directly from the search engine traffic.

Another reason is that the

so, although the universality of the details can not be ignored, but don’t worry too much. Shanghai Longfeng work is indeed a need to carefully work, but also need to be patient, but also affect the search engine platform and based on various uncontrollable factors, the site is also very difficult to achieve perfect in every respect. >

many people asked me a question about site, is the site of the site is not on the first page of the first, but other sites are normal, do not worry about all of a sudden down the right, how to restore.



is the only website pages do content instead of rolling.

site command can not query the amount collected, also can clearly see what pages are included, and the advanced form of the site command, you can also query some directories collected in a period of time, the data of Shanghai Longfeng it when it is important, love Shanghai the launch of the Webmaster Platform no function.

get a website of my own www.***贵族宝贝, snapshot slowly just took over, site is not in the first place. After taking over a week, restored the snapshot and site, but then changed, even before the content is completely changed, equivalent to re do a website. At the beginning, my heart is broken, but not into all aspects of a month’s time on the basic normal site data. But we still can see the big revision after more than two months, the search results in the description section included or not normal.

in fact, from last year the problem appeared, only after a period of time to become a common phenomenon. In this problem before, I want you to remember in July 2014, Shanghai canceled a snapshot of love. Although the snapshot was canceled, but other sites are basically normal, but to the end of last year began to gradually restore the snapshot. Now look at the site event, I guess this is love in the adjustment of Shanghai. Another said, love Shanghai has publicly stated that the site command returns a result is not true love Shanghai on the site included number, that is to say, the site is only a reference, not an accurate data. At the same time, the love of Shanghai launched Webmaster Platform, the official results as accurate data reference. Even so, Shanghai dragon Er are still keen on the site command. The most fundamental reason is the site command great reference value in Shanghai Longfeng work.