How to write an article

is divided into two kinds: learning to read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles, which combined with the best, go outside to see, go outside to look at, more contact with some people, see more things, you.

actually wrote anything, want to love others, the most important is to provide value to people, is someone watching you this article and do not see is different, get some new ideas about the goods can be read, it is best to let people have an effect that is filled with wisdom, the real success.

sometimes I don’t know how to write a good article, what is a good article? This definition is not fixed, I feel that people love to see the article is good article, others can stop on the site for a long time to see your text, explain your article well. What conditions need to write the article? According to my own understanding, should have the following several aspects are required:


second: the attitude of

is to write a good article, you need a long time, you want to write a 800 word article for ten minutes, you will feel good writing quality is not very obvious?. In general, an article in the most suitable condition is about 3000 words, this is the most suitable to the reader, this was done out of statistical data, I did not talk, the fast browsing mode of contemporary era, an article about three thousand words, is the most suitable for < / p>!

?I personally feel that the

how to make people feel that you have to work to share to you? A very simple way, is to learn, you have to write the article, first you must learn, you do not progress, how can write good things? How to learn

say you want to write this article, to achieve what effect, is said to be how many people see? How many people you want to attract attention? To give their top goal, otherwise, every time you write an article is finished on the release of finished and released, no statistics, there is no plan this is not conducive to their own progress, is not conducive to statistics.

The first time:

to write three thousand words so long? I don’t know about others, just as I am now in such a state, had just started from the media, three thousand words should be written for two hours, an average of two seconds to write a word, of course, includes all the check time, two hours is out. The.

actually wrote work like a man, you see an attitude, a good attitude, write the article will be good, the attitude is not correct, anything written is not to be love, how can I say? For example you will understand.

writing attitude means that you are writing before, must be properly planned to write after the release, what effect this series have to consider carefully, plan clearly, don’t rush, we are always good.

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