The Shanghai dragon sharing website optimization experience

second, the website itself every day to update the contents of the article, because every day in Shanghai Longfeng snapshot update, so we should cultivate the habit of search engines every day to crawl your site, then that is the most attractive, the best is the original article, the content focuses on the page keywords, combined with ZhengZhan theme. If there is no original can find related articles on the Internet, to a large extent changed a little, it is best to express his own way of expression, that is the best, which is indirectly into your own original article.

, a website structure layout optimization

1, write some more.

first, the website should have a clear structure and clear navigation, convenient for users to browse your site, you need to find the content, also can let search engine understand the hierarchical structure of every page of your site more quickly. Ensure that each page can be reached by at least one text link. In addition, "title is the main content of the page, the search engine can quickly judge the web page title theme, so that each page should have the one and only title. Secondly, the meta tags description tag and keyword tag should contain your website Keywords tag, but I don’t want to repeat, because the spider (search engine robots) will think this information is not included and repeated two places to realize the role of a place, will lead to counterproductive website optimization. Important pictures on the website, as logo navigation images must be added to the simple description, here is a good place for you to put the site keywords, to ensure that the title and the alt attribute description and expression is accurate, this is conducive to the search engine grab.

love Shanghai weight of this concept, I believe you are familiar with, its importance is not how I do explain, website promotion in Shanghai search engine, the weight is very important. Because, relatively speaking, the higher the weight of the website, the website keywords ranking will be more in front, and the relevant keywords ranking number will be more. The search engine for its weight high website speed is quite fast, so can make your site more display. So, how to improve the weights of the site itself

two, according to the website optimization promotion methods

recently seen a lot of Shanghai Longfeng articles, of every hue analysis matters should pay attention to the website of Shanghai dragon, and the operation method, have a deep feeling. So I personally summarizes the overall optimization of the experience of some website, hoping to help with many novice webmaster.


as everyone knows, the search engine is a common site visitors, its website on the value judgment and grasp mode is as an ordinary visitor perspective. To determine this, construction site reasonable internal structure is crucial.