Shanghai Shanghai dragon love search search actually appeared the Tibetan mastiff convulsions

simple, love Shanghai keywords relevant search appear there is a relationship between the principal and the keyword search, the search for a keyword, the desired result is not found, then the search of a relevant keywords, so a lot of people are in such a search, second search keywords will appear in the first search the love of Shanghai related search keywords. For this incident, when someone in the search for "Shanghai dragon" keywords, then search for "Tibetan mastiff", after a large number of frequent search, after a period of time in Shanghai dragon love Shanghai relevant search results appear in the "Tibetan mastiff".


today I love Shanghai in the search for "Shanghai dragon", in the relevant search love Shanghai actually appeared "Tibetan mastiff" a word, and then some group of friends is very surprised, don’t love Shanghai and convulsions? The author according to their own experience and we explore the love Shanghai related search knowledge.

in fact, many companies have to provide relevant search results on behalf of the brush love Shanghai business, because the position is obvious, whether advertising or attracting traffic, the company’s brand name refresh in the relevant search results of love in Shanghai, not on the company’s publicity is very helpful. There are so many technology friends will provide such services, but this operation belongs to cheating, love Shanghai data update will brush out words off the update.

, love Shanghai exhaust

therefore, we can judge that the love of Shanghai according to the user’s behavior to determine whether the association between a word and a word, the author thinks that in the search for "Shanghai dragon" love Shanghai relevant search appear in the "Tibetan mastiff" is the result of human action.


three, human love Shanghai search

of Tibetan Mastiff

love Shanghai as the industry’s heavyweights, once some special circumstances, have attracted speculation, but a careful study of the data found that many are caused by man-made malicious operation, but as long as we understand the principle, in the face of these phenomena when you will smile knowingly. This article is from Beijing Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝hei8 Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝) original, cherish the fruits of labor, please take the link.

in the relevant search Shanghai love to appear in the search keywords and words are closely related, and as everyone knows is the words "Shanghai dragon" and "Tibetan mastiff" this keyword is no connection. So, a lot of friends guess is not love Shanghai to update data, based on the author’s experience, this is not love Shanghai cause convulsions, but caused by artificial operation.

two, love Shanghai search

The principle of will find links to love Shanghai

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