Shanghai Longfeng forearmed nopreparation optimization;

as a web site or keyword is particularly important, but also determine the future direction of website optimization. A lot of time if the key.

as a webmaster, deep experience to the optimization of a web site is not an easy thing, every day is the optimization of the station outside the station, and the chain code, and keyword ranking becomes the focus of our every word. Especially love Shanghai adjustment and innovation various algorithms for search engines in this year, bring us infinite confusion and hardship. Is not meant in the future Shanghai dragon website optimization will be more difficult in Shanghai? Love adjustment algorithm, a friend and I talked about in the future to optimize the way one night, and we all thought love in Shanghai is not increase the difficulty, but in the new and more perfect their own shortcomings, and as if you can do a webmaster, strategizing, can battle thousands of miles.

as the premise, website optimization is the overall structure of the website editor. Love Shanghai after the update, diversity has increased the weight of the site experience degrees, if the internal structure of a website can really do a good experience, giving users more valuable knowledge, so that a search engine will be based on the actual experience of grasping relevant information, give the website is very high credibility and weight. At present, many websites are not much innovation follow the prescribed order, and are based on the imitation of the form of editing, the lack of innovative thinking, the search engine will also identify, when natural start will not give your website to recommend, but need to go through a long process of recognition, in order to truly show the site experience. If it is a very high degree of experience website, and has a unique way of innovation in the search engine, natural good information is very good to grab your site, optimize your future more convenient.

structure of the site experience and innovation

Select the core position of An experienced webmaster

for the love Shanghai algorithm, we do not need to study those disadvantages, or more concerned about this algorithm in the end for our webmaster have other benefits, as long as it is a good understanding of this point, we can get a very good face after the Shanghai dragon optimization work. The love of Shanghai is the adjustment and upgrading of an algorithm, instead of crowding. For example, in the BBS signature, so in this adjustment is because there are a lot of BBS signature some unnecessary outside the chain, the search engine is very unbalanced, so in order to maintain the good law and the search engine spider crawling, the signature will lose its original function, and the ability also can clean and maintain user experience, a method of removal of garbage chain. So the example that enough love Shanghai is a kind of algorithm to adjust the upgrading and innovation way. In the face of this love Shanghai algorithm, how should we deal with, I want to do in the optimization before to make the whole structure optimization program and website, can achieve rapid optimization of steady aim.

site keywords screening and selection of