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three, the black is and the client chat time:

I do Taobao off it’s not a long time, but the money is much stronger than work, write this article is written by me for a moment, but also to help you off with warnings and Taobao in package, we are very easy to earn this money! And then some profiteers often deceive us Taobao accurate flow the guest, what is the reason I promote a product, daily traffic of 60, I used the site to do so, it is relatively accurate flow, but I am two months did not get a commission! Just started not too, because do more, occasionally to the point the link to see is not by some businesses off the shelf, this said often go to some of their own links is also very important, some unscrupulous merchants will suddenly off the shelf, but will not go after the jump, or flow to their store, equivalent to us To help him promote free. Below I summarize several methods to deceive Taobao profiteers Taobao.


should be met, I don’t mind at that time. Really I did not know until today so amazing! Today I will find the top three users to chat, the first three points probability is the largest, so I only talk before three can be. In the chat when first, did not say a few words on the issue or above:

I met several times, it was found that the amount of product commission did not suddenly go back to see, this product is still not, found this product would have gone, was very angry, immediately remove all links in this shop. The method is a half a month to check these links are still not in commission.

four, open Wangwang businesses there directly indicate the recommended products, I believe this will be the loss of part of Taobao traffic, this is not my personal direct promotion. But you don’t push off Taobao promotion for you.

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is the main background to look into the league, this is mainly to see the price, commission ratio, 30 days and 30 days to pay the commission amount of promotion. Most feel the brush began to increase and the commission ratio, the amount of commission brush up. The general view is not a problem is to check the parameter of the proportion, if far indicates there may be a brush, you do not need to promote the.

two, Taobao Promotion Commission and brush off:

This is a lot of Taobao –


, suddenly taking a commission:

I did not talk a few words, the store’s customer service directly to give me a new link, was quite angry, directly removed their links. So you Taobao guests if you find the recent Commission is not normal, can open their own links and those businesses directly chat directly, to express oneself want to buy, if the price is good today buy these mentality, such an fox’s tail would be exposed.

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