Shanghai dragon in the end

1, Shanghai Longfeng regularization method

network marketing mode and the rapid rise of the utilization rate of expansion, which is associated with a single marketing mode more and more rampant, the network marketing by search engine Shanghai Longfeng disaster caused by flooding water in the user, in the search keywords, can not be the most useful information show many cases. In order to improve the ecological environment of the Internet, search engine is gradually changing, Shanghai dragon really more and more difficult to do? I have to say NO, the reason why a lot of people think that Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, because they are tired, just cater to the search engine’s ideas, thus ignoring the root of the problem: user experience. How will the Shanghai dragon in the end? It had to work together to start together Shanghai dragon.

network marketing mode gradually expanding, but there are still many marketers will own complacent, think that sales will be able to rely on Shanghai Longfeng product efficiency. In fact, not.

2, Shanghai dragon significance to initialize

Shanghai dragon world has two categories: white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, Shanghai dragon rapid rise in network marketing, which is associated with more marketers began to learn and study its application mode, as the market gradually stabilized, many marketers through continuous efforts and research, can use the search engine keywords vulnerability will be optimized to the home page, this method is simple and fast, the black hat Shanghai dragon became sought after many marketing means. However, as a real marketing, need to think more long-term development direction, as the route of sustainable development is the key. With the search engine algorithm adjustment, the black hat Shanghai dragon means also gradually be eliminated, long-term interests, in fact, the black hat Shanghai Longfeng cost is not in decimal, and disaster caused by flooding water. For this situation, the search engine will not see in the eyes, keep in mind this? On this situation, it must be Shanghai Longfeng standardization, from the user experience to consider Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon in the end.

3, Shanghai dragon mode expansion

Where is

Shanghai Longfeng meaning? By Shanghai dragon will be most effective information through the search engine to show users. However, with the deep application of marketing in Shanghai Longfeng process, the original meaning of it became distorted, piled up after the phenomenon from the previous title not related keywords, by means of optimization over the keywords ranking to home, largely caused by Internet ecological deterioration of the environment, more and more people are more in order to meet the search the engine of the "experience" and Shanghai dragon, what is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? What is the meaning of the original Shanghai dragon? So people have started thinking if things go on like this, twisted, have begun to forget. Appeal to marketers will be Shanghai dragon meaning initialization, let us re master good starting point, with the intention of climbing to the top again.