The snapshot to associate keywords

can be said to be the latest snapshot. Yesterday’s data records show

website optimization work every day is so general, every morning to check their website data record, such as the snapshot, included and so on, love Shanghai domain changes in the number, there is a ranking of keywords. But we love through the observation of Shanghai found that different keyword snapshot is not the same phenomenon, this is also very good, the love of Shanghai is a program, webmaster speculation: different keywords related data in different databases, such as the Ji’nan psoriasis hospital psoriasis hospital station I do, Shandong psoriasis hospital and other words, words that are respectively placed inside different databases, and compare with the industry website, in order to love Shanghai engine ranking. Each database update time is not the same, but generally not more than a week, so different words are not the same snapshot is excusable. But this morning when you observe the stone to optimize the site data, found the keyword snapshot phenomenon, through the site command their own website, snapshots normal,

my keywords Ji’nan psoriasis hospitalKeywords

Shandong psoriasis hospital these words have been updated to 25, but today it found love Shanghai snapshot back to number 15, which makes the stones remain perplexed despite much thought, general home page snapshot is a sign of right down, but what keywords correction represents

snapshot data:

second: the website of large – or web site space is not stable. A: we first talk about web site space is not stable, this should be excluded, because we are the work of the division of labor, every day all day long will add content to edit their own website, if you encounter such a situation will react to us, but the website traffic is not great, check the flow of data there is no sign of competition opponent malicious brush station (if competitors malicious brush station, site of IP thousand. ) so I said this situation can be ruled out, there is a substantial revision of this website, more easily excluded, website optimization website know what it means to have a substantial revision (website drop right), unless your site selected >


the first to talk about the first possible situation: Shanghai love themselves, love Shanghai database to maintain when we may cause the snapshot, I searched a lot of online examples of such a situation, so I do not rule out the website also encountered such a situation, this situation exists. The way to deal with: since it is the love of Shanghai’s own problems, the only way we can only wait for the general case, when love Shanghai updates will automatically adjust.

and the Internet to find some information, see people say how to say, and then I control the eleven investigation:

look at the specific data: