Optimization on website home page outbound links of misunderstanding

a lot of people in the profit through the website home page outbound links at the same time, will not consciously ignore the construction of the site itself, or even ignore the security of your site, make your site be implanted Trojan, there is a site of open speed too slow, almost all of the web content is collected, is a complete according to the dumpster model to do, this way is very easy to your site to be punished, but because the home page outbound links more, so webmaster mistaken because outbound links too much, resulting in their website is love Shanghai


we know love Shanghai to judge the weight of a web site is often based on the interpersonal principle is the principle of Like attracts like., if you Birds of a feather flock together., and friends of the chain website is the high quality of the site, then love Shanghai would think the opposite your website is also of high quality, and if your web site and the chain however, friends of the chain site to be punished so love love Shanghai, Shanghai will think that your site has a suspicion, so it will be on your web site to observe in detail, is likely to leave your site to inspect on the love Shanghai sandbox inside, and the results, as if your website is love Shanghai punished as

two: the export link website be punished

, all content is king, the chain for the emperor this sentence is regarded as the Bible many webmaster optimization effect! Thus site outside the chain for the website optimization, there is a demand, there will be a market, so many sites began to start a site outside the chain business, so much of the front page of the site, the a large number of outbound links, which Links is most common, there are many other types of links, such as the content of the website inside the outbound links and so on, of course do have a very obvious purpose is to make the website activities more income! But some owners in the interests of the face, completely not HOLD, cause web page because the derived link is search engine punishment!

may have many webmaster so that the website home page outbound links too much, is one of the mistakes of the site optimization, but I do not think so, because according to the author found that there are a lot of navigation station on the Internet, all others derived links, are not always alive? And who specializes in selling friends chain, hundreds of websites, also have very good weight, thus, home chain link is not a direct cause of love Shanghai site was punished! So why there are many sites will be punished for outbound links too much

Have you ever heard of !So for the

: your site

export above website home page chain prone to misunderstanding, the webmaster for the site link must be detailed audit, can not be any site can be accepted, even if they have to spend money, and some high weight site are derived, or earn less money, some are of high quality site for garbage sites, must be shielded, and then form the Guide >