The love of Shanghai K station where the station in Taobao analysis

The first time ?

we saw the Taobao station point? We analyze some small details about the website

1: the most common QQ group promotion


toolsThe is expected to flow

tool is not difficult to see, the station also almost two years, all the same as my station is more than a year of time domain, a few days ago I had a few stand full to the K, read the LEE article, it is Taobao brain fire station will be in K? Here you can clearly tell you, no, do not believe the so-called love at Taobao K station. Love is any K station in Shanghai. Is to see your site is not what the quality of the website, we say, is the user experience to say. Oh, and then fell in love with the sea to make the final judgment. We look at several Taobao railway station, you will know why he does not love Shanghai K as the following figure

Hello, I’m Deng Kanhao blogger, today is very pleased to be able to share this article for everyone, because of their own hands a number of stations in June 28th did not meet with sea K, but to the last day of Shanghai to their K, do not know what the reason, he also went to see some love Shanghai webmaster forum announcement, the following we analyze. Here we see a weight good site, before the use of home owners is the weight of the 6 tool view, this is to fall in love with sea K are no one, can see through the website, the whole article is not original, user experience is good, do not know what is love he will K off Shanghai we, the following look view:

I K station is also full of weight reached four, also for K, now have no standing, grassroots webmaster is really hard to force, we love Shanghai from June to 22, 28 up to now, many K websites, many grassroots sit still, very tired, but by K fell in love with the sea, now is the opportunity, the more will be better, if you see this article, then congratulations, now Taobao is only to fall in love with the sea off the K, I hope you want to do to Taobao customers seriously to think clearly. We summarize, which has several Taobao

: domain name

second: website

third: the site outside the chain

model to make money off

although this is not very accurate, but not much difference. Would like to know why the domain name, month can do this, and above that we look at the K station, the weight is 6, K is more than that of cattle, like Taobao and Taobao in the railway station, why not K, because there are a lot of websites related to the Taobao customer, I am not a list about the webmaster, personal interests. If the domain name is open, too many people to find somebody else, here is not disclosed.

QQ believe that all engaged in the Internet friends will have several QQ, however, not to mention the QQ group, QQ group now set >