Qingdao Shanghai dragon to talk about something that recent buying links

2 can not buy, do not buy. Website ranking is the most important rely on high quality original content to rely on links without content, it is difficult to obtain stable rankings, take time out hard point links every day, improve website ranking is also very fast, the key is to.

Qingdao Shanghai dragon on links to buy recommendations:

last night with a webmaster friends to chat, he said he bought the link again this month to spend 240 dollars, because he saw the site recently ranked up to second, third pages, feel the momentum is good, so I want to try to buy links to quickly improve website ranking. Since the last official said that after Google no longer update the PR value, during this has also love Shanghai linked to the sale of the act did blow, some bought linked sites generally right down, ranking drop. So many owners no longer believe that these links bring results, so that the link up business in the doldrums. But in about two months ago, Google PR suddenly came back, this time on the love of Shanghai on the sale and purchase of link behavior and not a voice, a business link time and the market, those companies or individuals on the link to eat and see the hope of life.

1, a link can buy Qingdao, Shanghai dragon had also bought the link, but I buy links are to Taobao to find the kind of individual owners to sell links, because they do not link the main business, I don’t care too much about the PR value level, mainly to see whether the site can keep updated daily, tell me whether there is a relationship between the website. Or website ranking how, snapshot is not updated frequently, outbound links above is not too much, although not too easy to find the link, but the links to buy more practical, general search engines will not be judged as cheating.

especially recently, almost every day to receive some QQ to sell what gold chain packages of such information, now visible link business and fire, it should be said that the effect is there or buy links, this business will not survive, but is not the website to improve the ranking of the fastest shortcut is to spend money to buy high PR value of the link? Qingdao Shanghai dragon that link does have effect, but not in the long run, it is the same with the drug, often buy addictive, but also difficult to obtain long-term stable website ranking. The reason is that to buy every kind of linked sites is the search engine, some even judged illegal websites (such as SF, SQ, station) if the station was punished is bound to your site will be affected; secondly, links are generally added frequently or revocation of the link, how like this the website can guarantee a very good effect, search engine will not it too friendly, there is, the selling links usually website content is poor; now the sale link is mainly to see the Google PR value, the higher the PR the higher the price, but at present we improve website ranking is mainly to see the love in Shanghai, mainly from the flow of love Shanghai, so even buy links can not be alone to see Google the PR value high decision, should be a comprehensive analysis of its sale link website weight.