Famous for our province culture industry practitioners ariadne

September 16th to 18, the Provincial Department of culture, press and publication organized cultural industry training courses. Invite professor and researcher of Peking University Institute of Cultural Industry Development Research Institute of Communication University of China Zhang Libo culture academic committee director Qi Yongfeng of Ocean University of China and the National Cultural Industry Research Center Director Xue Yongwu for the province more than 150 cultural industry practitioners "for guidance".

in recent years, the province’s cultural industry to a variety of national and folk culture as the basis, with arts and crafts as the leading cultural industry has been rapid development, the formation of a series of specialty products. Provincial government also attaches great importance to the development of the province’s cultural industry, the introduction of a series of policies and measures to support the development of cultural industries. In 2012, the province’s cultural industry added value of 3 billion 501 million yuan, an increase of 18.58%, the cultural industry accounted for 1.86% of the gross national product, cultural industry productivity index ranks ninth in the country, was listed as the good growth of the industry. But at present, the province’s cultural industry development talent shortage, the concept of market development is narrow, lack of innovation. Pay attention to and strengthen the cultural industry training, help the province’s cultural departments and practitioners to further understand the development trend, the development of clear thinking, learn the specific operation, the resource advantages into development advantages as soon as possible; help to further promote the fine traditional culture, heritage and improve skills in the development of their own quality, promote the fast development of culture industry.

the three experts invited by the training are experts and scholars who are engaged in the research of cultural industry in China, and have a high level of theoretical and practical experience in the development of cultural industry. They are entitled "cultural industry and modern service industry combined with the development of", "the transformation of cultural resources and characteristics of the cultural industry development path", "cultural industry personnel training," the theme of the lecture. Teaching in simple terms, clear thinking, concise, strong guidance. (author: Li Xin)