People for the slow blocking Paul Chang new initiatives point praise



"I like, I want to praise……"

recently, the evening news WeChat, micro-blog, the client is very lively, Xining citizens, as well as six states a place of cadres and the masses, have to the city’s slow blocking Paul Chang gave a high praise.

people’s expectations is our driving force, the provincial government’s request is our direction, the municipal government to face the world’s problems, started a slow blocking Paul Chang three years battle.

adhere to the top forward, focus on tackling the problem in a systematic thinking, comprehensive measures, the implementation of network plan; planning of parking lot, have closed part built pedestrian footbridge crossing the road area around the small opening, accidents fast processing method;


is a solid and effective measures against the city traffic congestion problem.

people’s voice: parking has become a big problem


] the reporter at present, the city has about more than 6 parking spaces, according to the DMV statistics show that in February this year, our existing 439 thousand motor vehicles, which does not include the field in Nanjing vehicles, 439 thousand cars in the snatch of more than 6 parking spaces, parking spaces, I have no to meet the rigid requirements of 439 thousand motor vehicle parking.

in addition, due to the different parking fees, a large number of private cars parked along the road, occupied the road resources.


] new initiatives in November 1st, "Xining city public temporary parking lot construction management approach" will be implemented in the future, the construction of public management, the temporary parking lot will be unified planning, unified construction, unified management, unified fee. Charging standards will also be involved in the announcement of the cards, where people can set up a parking lot suggestions. In addition, from September 29th onwards, the traffic police department of the city road parking order rectification of a comprehensive specification, strict penalties in illegal acts is not parking and no delimit parking road parking, parking sections Jinting fined 200 yuan 3 points, in order to improve the efficient utilization of the roadway.

public praise: assumes


people’s voice: a small accident caused a big traffic jam

[reporter] 7:40 on September 27th, reporters from 71 to sit on the taxi, there are short press, but fairly smooth, when traveling to the nearby hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, when the press serious, the reporter found that the next lane had little rub accident two cars, so that the rear of the vehicle driving slowly, causing pressure.

as long as a car accident, regardless of size, will lead to a large area of traffic jams." The city traffic police brigade police asked the dragon. Told reporters, in the process of moving the vehicle, often the vehicle flameout, tire, rub and other small accidents, many owners suffered an accident, first off both sides after causing theory;