From July this year is expected to be the object of first aid after the hospital settlement

Recently, the provincial Civil Affairs Department issued a notice, arrange immediate settlement information system of medical assistance one-stop distribution installation work, in July this year is expected to complete the layout of the installation and training of staff, which can realize the object of the first hospital, civil relief medical model after the settlement ".

provincial Civil Affairs Department urged all localities to formulate timely distribution plan, determine the coverage of state, county and township level three designated medical institutions, and signed a service agreement, in the software installation layout before the completion of the urban and rural, rural five, orphans, severe disabilities, key entitledgroups basic information entry work. Through the "one-stop" instant settlement information system, information can be achieve docking between medical aid and other basic medical security system, personnel information, medical information and medical cost information sharing, the business process of seamless, "with the assistance object with the rule, go". (author: Lan Haimei)