According to the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration Bulletin – Xining 2013 food and bever

The afternoon of April 23rd, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration held a news briefing, informed the 2013 "Xining city food safety supervision and inspection results analysis report" and "Xining City drug testing quality analysis report", 2013 Xining City catering service food and drug pass rate of 91% and 100%. Overall, Xining food and drug safety is higher.

2013, a total of 1200 samples of food and beverage services in Xining sampling batches, accounting for the province’s total sample of 1/2. Supervision of sampling to the school (including nurseries canteen) and tourist attractions (including farm tourism point) focus on catering units, covering large restaurant, large and medium-sized restaurants, snack shops, fast food shops, liquor stores and other types of food service units. All samples were sent to the provincial food and Drug Inspection Institute, the provincial quality supervision and inspection of the province, the provincial entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau comprehensive technical center 3 inspection unit inspection.

sampling results show that off-site inspection of positive varieties of sampling: a total sampling of food and beverage services 27 varieties of the top 10 batches of 1000, the pass rate of 91%. The cereals (rice, rice, wheat flour, edible vegetable oil), vegetables (leafy vegetables, root vegetables, cabbage), livestock and poultry (chicken, beef, lamb, pork), aquatic products (sea fish, freshwater fish, shellfish), snacks (PI), spices (sugar) the passing rate was 100%. Non fermented soy sampling 50 batches, 1 batches of sorbic acid exceed the standard, the qualified rate is 98%; seasoning (soy sauce) sampling of 40 batches, 1 batches of detection of saccharin sodium, the passing rate of 97.5%; spices (pepper sauce, chili powder) sampling of 100 batches, 5 batches of detected tonyred IV, the passing rate of 95%; starch (fan vermicelli), sampling 130 batches, 8 batches of sulfur dioxide and aluminum overrun, the passing rate of 94%; vegetable (vegetable) sampling of 20 batches, 2 batches of lead content overrun, the passing rate of 90%; sampling of 50 batches of edible fungi, fluorescent whitening substances detected in 5 batches pass rate of 90%. Rapid detection of field sampling sampling: on-site rapid detection of 7 kinds of more than 14 batches of more than 600 batches, the inspection of positive varieties of batches of 200, the total detection rate of fast detection was 5%. Confirmed by the designated inspection agency, the rapid detection of positive species pass rate of 89%. Fast sample including edible vegetable oil, vegetables (vegetables, bean sprouts, ginger, mushroom, dried vegetables (Huang Hua) vegetables, bamboo shoots, dried ginger, soy sauce, vinegar), sausage, meat products etc.. Of which 1 batches of root vegetables (carrots) phorate overrun, cadmium overrun 1 batches of cauliflower, sulfur dioxide overrun edible fungus 6 batches, 14 batches of ginger sulfite overrun.

for sampling of the problems, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration will instruct County Bureau in accordance with local management requirements, the management of nonconforming products catering service units were investigated according to law; fluorescent whitening agent, tonyred IV, etc. aluminum exceed the standard briefing Xining city quality supervision, industry and commerce departments shall dispose for snacks; class (Deep-Fried Dough Sticks) aluminum content exceed the standard, tableware detected;