2016 China Qinghai international Cordyceps cum Tibetan medicine Fair opening

7 18, · 2016 Chinese sponsored by the Department of Commerce, the people’s Government of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture host; Qinghai international Tibetan medicine Cordyceps cum Exhibition Fair opened in Yushu Exhibition Center, the intersection of characteristics, agglomeration, innovation and development as the theme of this exhibition, the exhibition for a period of 10 days.

for the full display of Yushu Cordyceps resources, started the regional brand building investment and trade negotiation, project cooperation platform, Yushu Provincial Department of Commerce and the state government to create China · Qinghai international Tibetan medicine Cordyceps cum Exhibition Fair, this is the province following the Green Fair, Tibetan carpet, halal food festival another day to rely on the local characteristics of resources, highlighting the national characteristics and the development of national economy as the theme of the international economic and trade exchanges event, professional. The fair has invited well-known business areas, Cordyceps academic, medical experts, Internet experts, well-known in Tibetan medicine expert, Cordyceps and development of Tibetan medicine industry, the integration of e-commerce and specialty products to build Cordyceps communication platform, how to dig the Tibetan medicine Cordyceps sinensis and the economic and social, cultural and medicinal value of research at the same time, in order to "Internet plus", "online" combination mode, publicity and promotion of Cordyceps sinensis and Tibetan medicine industry.


exhibition fair set up exhibition of Tibetan medicine Cordyceps and boutique Exhibition (main hall), folk culture tourism and the characteristics of goods exhibition, foreign exchange of goods, cultural corridor 5 exhibition hall, more than and 200 booths, exhibition also arranged for the exhibition and communication, promote negotiations, product promotion and project signing, Nepal commodity exhibition a live demonstration, and Tibetan medicine Cordyceps king "selection and identification of authenticity, Cordyceps Cordyceps and Tibetan medicine prize quiz and on-site sweepstakes, forums and other 8 categories of special activities. On the opening day, the state government of Yushu and Ali Health Science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Sanjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement Cordyceps and Tibetan medicine development.