My province to commemorate the local records work mechanism to carry out the work of socialist new l

8 month 2 days, I held the local records work mechanism to commemorate the socialist new local chronicles compilation work, and the 30 anniversary of the establishment of the forum. Governor Hao Peng instructions, vice governor Yang Fengchun attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Hao Peng pointed out in the instructions, the work of local chronicles is the treasure of Chinese culture heritage, with Shi Jian today, an important cause for senior assistant. Over the past 30 years, the majority of workers in our province have been keeping watch and hard work, and have made great achievements in the compilation of local chronicles. I hope the province of local records, the future in the new historical starting point of innovation, rule of law, seeking truth from facts, and constantly improve the quality and level of work, promote the overall development of the scientific development of local records, to better serve the overall situation of reform and development in our province is stable.

Yang Fengchun pointed out in his speech, the province at all levels of local records work mechanism and chronicles the workers in practice for half a cycle in Lixueduhang, silently, to make a positive contribution to the prosperity and development of the cause of local history and promote economic and social development. For the future, local records will continue to adhere to the service center, to promote governance records in accordance with the law, to ensure that the two round of revision task completed by 2020, the full realization of the three level comprehensive yearbook of provincial cities and counties to full coverage, accelerate the development and utilization of land resources situation, better play to the social benefits of the work of local chronicles.