Tang Lao Ya Fish Museum join details Solutions

Fish Museum to join the brand, Xiaobian for you recommend the old Tang Ya fish brand. So what about the old Tang fish? Look at the following specific introduction.

Huancui District Tang Lao Ya Fish Museum is Guan Yu Tang Lao Ya Catering Chain Corporation subsidiary, is set research and development, meat and fish dishes catering, catering for standardization of science and technology as one of the catering enterprises. Main business: Tang Lao Ya fish hall, fish restaurant, fish pot. Guan Yu Tang Ya is a professional service company registered by the State Trademark bureau. Tang old fish hot pot existing outlets have been formed on the basis of the practice of a complete and mature store image, after testing and access to community consensus and praise. Off the shelf decoration model, the overall design of the store, a unified image, so that enterprises to join the rapid start. The following is a summary of the common problems for joining.

Tang old fish to join the specific details of the answer:

a, open an old Tang Ya fish store branch must have what conditions?


1 site of the actual use of the area must have: you can use the area to be 120 square meters above.

2. Tang Lao Ya fish museum stores different specifications required for the total investment funds.

A: the area of 120 square meters with a total investment of about 150 thousand

B: the area of 200 square meters with a total investment of about 250 thousand

C: the area of 300 square meters with a total investment of about 400 thousand

3. has a good location:

A, the surrounding environment belongs to government agencies, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions, densely populated areas.

B, population structure belongs to the upper level;

C, the resident population is rich;

D, convenient transportation, parking lot.

two, a fish Hot pot — Tang Lao Ya fish museum stores

how much money?

answer: open a new store reference (calculated by 500 square): according to our experience, renovation costs about $600 per square meter. Equipment invested 300 yuan per square meter, plus the joining fee, publicity, rent, etc., in general, the total investment of about $1300 per square meter is enough.

three, I have not engaged in the catering industry do not understand the food and beverage, hot pot industry, joined the old Tang Ya fish hall, can operate well?