The air – Niuen Tai huge business opportunities to bring new energy water heater

Niuen Tai air heater is good? Energy saving and environmental protection. With the continuous progress of science and technology for us, our Niuen Tai air heater demand increasing. Join Niuen Tai air heater project, we successy realize the dream of getting rich!

Niuen Tai air water heater brand is to rely on the strong support of the Beijing company, Niuen Tai air heater brand belongs to Guangdong new industry new energy technology development Co Ltd. Since its inception in 2010, Niuen Tai in the air to water heater in invest a lot of money for technology research and development, equipment renewal, talent introduction and information management, research and development and the transformation of achievements jointly committed to the new energy technology products. At present, Niuen Tai air heater products have comprehensive coverage of family homes, hotels, beauty salons, hair salons, factories, offices, schools, clubs, swimming pool, aquaculture and other places.

Niuen Tai development of air to water heater’s history dates back to the last century at the beginning of 90s, the air heater was invented in Germany, its biggest advantage is to consume a small amount of electricity will be able to get more energy, the energy saving effect is obvious. So that the products listed in just a few years by the Europeans generally welcomed, has become the first choice of hot water equipment in europe. The disadvantage is that due to technical barriers and prices and other reasons, this product was not introduced into china.

now Niuen Tai air heater has entered the China, at the beginning of the twenty-first Century, with the China technical exchanges with Europe’s deepening and China manufacturing level, and in recent years people pay more attention to low carbon environmental protection in the field of energy saving, air to water heater has achieved unprecedented success in the domestic market. According to 2010 statistics show that the air to the water heater market in the domestic sales have exceeded 4 billion, and has Niuen Tai hundreds of air heater brands.

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