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in fact, the most important thing to note is that the child with the elderly, they are a family of special protection groups, what should be particularly careful, and they are not all can eat. Taking this into account, as you want to enter the food and beverage industry, you are not in the selection of the brand to join another choice criteria. So what kind of food is suitable for young and old? Xiaobian sister Chongqing restaurant do you recommend

as everyone knows, chongqing cuisine, also called Chongqing cuisine, is widely spread in the Bayu area dishes, with distinctive flavor, primary and secondary order features, and with hemp, spicy, fresh, tender, hot key, change of use, hundreds of style dishes subway terminal, but used to eat Sichuan food. It will be not at all surprising, Chongqing sister restaurant, to the Northeast Home Dishes as the main characteristics of food and beverage, the subversion of the traditional style of chongqing cuisine, popular.

sauce small potatoes, the northeast people like the next meal. Yu sister restaurant grain brewing soy sauce braised a small potatoes, add chunks with Braised pork in brown sauce, pepper, with fresh coriander, taste wonderful. And also the needs of consumers in the service provider to pursue a simple, rapid, effective and thoughtful way. Sister Chongqing restaurant in the dishes on the development of health care, and pay attention to changes in diversity, ornamental and practical environment in the shop decoration.


sisters Chongqing restaurant catering brand   ages  


sisters Chongqing restaurant, in the classic inheritance of Dongbei and continuous development and innovation, integration of hundreds of long, abandoned the shortcomings of traditional Chinese food and Western-style food, by way of scientific diet, in accordance with the standard, measurement and procedure, after several research and development process. To create a more in line with the characteristics of Chinese cuisine, to supplement the human body needs protein, carbohydrates, calcium, cellulose, folic acid and carotene and other nutrients, has a wealth of nutritional value.


sisters Chongqing restaurant, China catering in the well-known brands. With the booming momentum of development to the people of China and catering to the great charm and a steady stream of market appeal and strong vitality. And its price is more moderate, accepted by the public, can be said to be suitable for young and old, both clean and affordable.

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