Small supermarket merchandising techniques which have

regardless of the size of the supermarket, do a good job of display, in fact, will have a great influence on the operation of the supermarket. The small supermarket as a retail terminal becomes more and more welcomed by consumers, how to better play to the advantages of small supermarket, stimulate consumer desire to buy, and urge them to take action, in the display of goods more should pay attention to marketing skills:

1, choose a good display point. Small supermarket good display is behind the counter and eye level shelves, customer entrance, shelf center position; not good display main entrance, next to the warehouse door on both sides of the corner, dark corners, a strong smell of goods.

2, the price should be clearly identified. The price tag must be placed in a prominent position, and the number on the label marked with a dark, if it is in the small supermarket promotional activities such as direct write numbers than to tell the customers special offer discount more attractive.

3, goods should be displayed on the location of customers to pick up. To enable customers to take goods from different positions and directions, small supermarkets need to ensure that there are more than 80% goods shelves, for the convenience of the customer purchase; avoid the different types of goods together, help sales promotion is best not to posts in the goods.

4, commodity display should pay attention to safety. A small supermarket in the "stacking show", it is necessary to consider the one can maintain the attractiveness of height, we should also take into account the stability of the stacked. In the "box stacking", should open the box placed in a stable position, starting from the top of the replacement of empty containers, to ensure safety.

although the store display is not good, however, if you can master the relevant skills, which will have a great influence on the development of the store business. So, if you run a small supermarket, now you know how to display the goods? The above described by the small content of your business will help?