How to deal with the customer from

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is dealing with customers, as long as it is to do business, will meet the customer "pilfering". That drive people to ", but in fact, observant and alert" is not only the driving people do, engaged in retail business people should be so.

this afternoon, the store came such a man: a man with a face value of 50 yuan of money, that is hard to buy a pack of 4 yuan Hongjinlong customers. Out of the smoke in my confirmation to the people; and that is really fifty yuan of money, I began to make a change, but when I open the drawer when the change is down. Due to the transfer of money to the author of the hand is on the cash on the cashier, and the author of the cashier’s width is 50 cm. So, even if the change is down, my eyes can see some of the things that happened on the cashier.

this is not, I am busy looking for change in the drawer, the eyes of the light suddenly saw a man on the cashier’s hand suddenly took a while, but soon put back. Not only that, but also just half of the hand unfolded at the time it was clenched up. But a look at the battle will know things in hand. A discovery of this situation, the author went to the man’s thumb, may be lighter "the store" is too big because that just a simple eye, I soon discovered that the man is holding a lighter.

saw this, look at the man, was also a face calmly waiting for the change! Think of a direct puncture is not appropriate, so when I put the finishing change ready to hand over to him, they came to a sentence: "oh! And a lighter?" Is also funny, listen to the author such a question, just as the man, it will be like to try the lighter is not good?

This is not

, while smugness to press a few lighter; while his mouth muttering: this isn’t playing lighter fuel? Fortunately, the author of the store is still quite a cigarette, his long face, the man pressed a few times on the burning a few. It is estimated that person feel shy, lighter to burn a few times, and with a hard Hongjinlong a pack of 4 yuan of money; a lighter and gave his 45 dollars left.

Although the price of

is not high, but for retail stores, profit is not so slowly accumulate? Although it is a lighter value only one yuan, but compared to the people of that package to sell hard Hongjinlong only 4 cents in terms of profits: if the change is not the author of the "observant and alert". This single business today, although not a drain, but a white busy and a little loss is affirmed. Of course, the most important is through this matter so I appreciate the observant and alert in the business value and necessity.