A tragedy catering business

while we were watching TV, many stories are in the restaurant or a series of stories of the ancient Inn as background and happen, because the restaurant is always people of every hue, each person will have all kinds of stories, most operators, you not only to provide for the customer, but also how to consider the customer.

recently, danmou wins and a front to Hunan in a Jishou restaurant and ordered a Hot pot, let the boss to the next field army not far from a friend’s shop, then called some Steamed Rice and beer.

for 14 pieces of money lead to murder boss to take the knife cut

1 an hour later, when a front to the restaurant bill, Tian Mou army to charge 114 yuan, a Feng think the price is too expensive, ask the discount to 100 yuan okay, Tian Mou army refused to let a sharp price, paid 114 yuan to scold a few words on the left.

half an hour later, the restaurant owner Yang Moumei to clean up when the two sides quarrel. Later, danmou wins and a sharp dissatisfaction is too expensive, come to the restaurant with Tian Mou army and Yang Moumei dispute, and the table over a piece, with the spat, turned into a shoving tussle.

fight to see her husband Yang Moumei Tian Mou murderous danmou wins and a front down, cuff and kick, red eyes, lose the reason she ran to the kitchen and took a kitchen knife to cut off two people, immediately danmou wins the head and elbow was severely cut, blood DC, collapsed coma.

Dong River of Jishou City Public Security Bureau police station rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm, found danmou wins seriously, fell in a pool of blood, the police immediately contact 120 rescue personnel to rescue the injured, while the party’s control, and forensic investigation.

now the injured have been out of danger, the injury is identified. Currently, Yang Moumei suspicion of intentional injury has been under criminal detention by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the case is under further investigation.

for 14 dollars, the parties from a few altercation to bitter dispute and then staged the whole martial arts, eventually lead to murder, will pay a heavy price. As the saying goes Friendliness is conducive to business success. trivialize, non trivial, and in harmony, is the business and for the way.

Of course,

Xiaobian to recommend this story mainly to the restaurant operator can take this as a warning, do business is to let all complain of heart.