What are the heroes chickenhotpot join coke – the whole conditions

is the place where many people have good business opportunities, the advent of coke heroes chickenhotpot, attracting many franchisees sight. The choice of business to join coke chickenhotpot heroes project, open their own coke heroes chickenhotpot stores, the shop is made! Business to no friends! So, join coke heroes chickenhotpot project, with what conditions?

one, at least 18 years of age, have the ability to independently bear civil liability and legal personality;

two, voluntary join coke heroes chickenhotpot chain system, and has a certain economic strength and investment capacity;

, three identity heroes chickenhotpot business philosophy and the focus of product structure, subject to the unified management and training, and can cooperate with supervision of search work;

four, to provide their own store location, and the required business license, and accept the company assessment;

five, with a good business ethics, cooperation and the concept of "customer oriented" service concept;

six, to devote, unified use of coke warrior chickenhotpot brand name, and consciously safeguard the focal heroes chickenhotpot brand image;

seven, franchise stores should comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the national food and beverage service industry, not to engage in illegal activities or bad social morality activities;

eight, love the catering business, coke chickenhotpot heroes need to have long-term commitment to join the catering business entrepreneurial passion.

joined the coke heroes chickenhotpot project, the success of the venture, trustworthy. Want to succeed in business, of course, have to choose the strength of the brand to join the project, fly to join the project. Join coke chickenhotpot is very worthy of heroes, choose a good project worth joining!