Word of mouth marketing – teach you how to do the whole of tea shop

There are many marketing methods used in

food and beverage business, including word of mouth marketing is a marketing method that we all know. But how to do this is the word of mouth marketing, many businesses are very headache, take the tea franchise business, Xiaobian found many tea shops just know word-of-mouth marketing has no practical use, learn to understand, the original tea shop and no more in-depth research on word-of-mouth marketing.

teach you how to do a good job in milk tea shop word-of-mouth marketing

small series hope that these six key words can let everyone know the word of mouth marketing.

1, set up an interactive platform

, such as WeChat public number, QQ group and so on, so that you release information to communicate with customers, but also to allow customers to place the sound of two

2, pay attention to your consumer

especially consumer feedback and recommendations, the store must pay attention to

3, do your content

tea shop released information must be in line with consumer demand, such as discount information, health tips…… Four

4, share your story

products to allow consumers to like, in addition to the standardization of content quality, but also take the initiative to allow consumers to understand the spirit of your product five

5, active interaction with customers

tea shop in community platform, more direct preferences and interests more cordial ask each fans, customers (either private or public), take them as their friends, to understand their true preferences, and respect their preferences, do appropriate adjustment of products and services.

6, encourage fans to take the initiative to share

every customer are fans, is commendable, the feelings of consumers is not easy to come by, we should actively encourage consumers in addition to the usual active sharing of ideas, as long as there are good comments we must encourage him, praise him.

wants more than for the tea shop in the introduction of word-of-mouth marketing can bring you some help, if there is what other problems need to know, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.