Alice drinks – how much money is needed to join

a lot of friends who are ready to open their own drinks shop feel that this brand is quite good for Alice drinks, so they are eager to know how much this brand investment needs? The following small series on the issue of simple to introduce.

How much does it cost

to join Alice?

to Alice fashion drinks are both delicious and nutritious, is the R & D team after years of trial and error after the introduction of the characteristics of the brand. Alice beverage research and development staff to understand the long-term needs of different consumers, the product formula repeated trial and exploration, the introduction of the product more attractive.

to Alice drinks join fee:

Alice beverage sales for many years in a leading position, with strong product advantages are inextricably linked. Alice beverage headquarters to strict product quality, the use of high-quality fruit and other raw materials, exclusive advanced extraction technology to extract the original taste, bring not the same good enjoyment.