Ten Chinese fast food brand ranking

fast food in the current era has undoubtedly become a very important component of the catering market, although the Western fast-food catering market and China standards because the world food has also been more and more market, however, Chinese fast food fast food market in China is still very important. Here, the small series to introduce Chinese fast food brand list of ten, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese fast food market.

Chinese fast food ten brands list NO.1, true Kung Fu:

kungfu is a well-known Chinese fast food brand, was founded in 1994 in Guangdong of Dongguan, has been 16 years of development history, the country has more than and 400 outlets, is the largest number of direct sales stores, the largest Chinese fast food chain. It is the only Chinese fast food brand in the top five Chinese fast food enterprises.

ten Chinese fast food brand ranking, Lihua Fast Food:


was founded in 1993 China Lihua Fast food brand in Changzhou, after more than and 10 years of hard pioneer, by a small snack shop as among the ten famous Chinese fast food enterprises, among the top 100 catering China, was vice president of enterprise China fast food association, become the image representative of Chinese fast food.

ten Chinese fast food brand ranking NO.3, little sheep:

Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Ltd was born in August 1999 in Inner Mongolia city of Baotou, listed in Hongkong in 2008, is the first Chinese brand catering enterprise listed in Hongkong, known as the "China first Hot pot". Has won the "top 100 enterprises", "China’s top 500 enterprises", "China famous trademark" and so on.

ten Chinese fast food brand ranking NO.4, dumplings:

Our company was founded in 1996

in Changzhou, is to Boiled dumplings as the main products, integration of the western fast food concept, ranked forty-fifth in the year 2004 China hundred catering chain enterprises; is listed as "Chinese fast-food chain ten big famous brand enterprise" China cooking association fast food Committee; "aunt Wu" trademark was awarded the famous brand of Jiangsu province that has now become the largest fast food chain enterprises Boiled dumplings hall.

Chinese fast food ten brands list NO.5, Ma Lan Ramen:

Ma Lan Hand-Pulled Noodle fast-food chain limited liability company established in 1995, November 2000, the China Franchise Association first authoritative survey and selection of experts, the national organization of " " Hand-Pulled Noodle; Ma Lan; was rated as one of the best franchise brand, is one of the most successful Chinese fast food enterprises China catering industry development.